The following parts are covered under the terms and conditions for the Essential HomeCare & Essential HomeCare Plus plans:

Add-on Fan Centers
Add-on Indoor Fan Relay
Blower/Blower Components
Circuit Board
Compressor **
Condenser Coil **
Condenser Fan Motor·
Cooling Contractor/Relay
Crank Case Heater
Defrost Control Thermostat, Circuit Board, Timer & Relay
Door Switch
Electric ignition System
Electronic Leak Search
Evaporator Coil **
Fan Blade
Fan Control
Fan Limit
Fan Motor
Filter Drier
Flame Sensor
Furnace Low Voltage Circuit Fuse
Fuseable Link
Gas Burner and Orifices
Gas Control Valve
Heat Heating Exchanger ***

Circuit Transformer
High Limit
Hot Surface Igniter
Inducer Motor & Wheel
Internal Electrical Wiring
Internal Wiring
Limit Controls
Low Ambient Temperature Sensor
Outdoor Temperature Sensor
Pressure Switch
Refrigerant Drier
Refrigerant with Leak Repair (410A only)
Refrigerant Orifice
Reversing Valve
Roll Out Switch
Standard Leak Test
Start Assist Assembly
Time Delay Control
TXV Valve

** The Plan covers parts and labor only if currently covered under the original manufacturer’s warranty.
***The Plan covers parts and labor only if currently covered by the OEM and is less than 12 years old.
We will replace with a make/model of our choice similar to your existing thermostat.
See terms and conditions for complete details on coverage limitations.

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